Earth Week: Some Eco-Friendly Apps

In this universe, Earth is the only planet where the life exist. It is possible because this planet gives us everything that is necessary for the life like Water, atmosphere, vegetation etc. So all of us know the importance of the clean environment for the existence of the human life. In this industrial era, every nation is trying to develop their economy without caring about its consequences on the environment. Today, atmosphere of our earth is full of poisonous gasses, vegetation loss, water contamination which is the cause of many dangerous diseases, extinction of flora and fauna.

Earth week is celebrated over the world from 16 April to 22nd April every year. It is the duty of every citizen of the world to clean the environment around their neighborhood and make the contribution to protect the environment so that there is a balance between nature and human. All the countries are trying to protect the earth environment by forming many environmental organizations and NGOs.

Here we will tell you, how technology can helps us to clean our environment. We are telling you about some eco-friendly apps that you can use to learn more about helping your environment.

(1) NASA Visualisation Explorer(Android/iOS):

This app by space agency NASA is the coolest way to get stories about NASA’s exploration of the Earth, Sun, Moon, planets and universe in the form of images and videos delivered on iOS and Android devices,

 (2) Earth Now App(Android/iOS):
This app again by NASA that visualizes global climate data, surface air temperature, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone layer depletion, gravity and sea level variations from earth science satellites.

(3) WWF Together App(iOS):
In this app you can experience most amazing and endangered animals together, it will brings you closer to the stories of elephants, whales, rhinos and other fascinating species.

(4) Swachh Bharat Mission’s e-learning app (SBM eLearning)(Android):
This app was started with the objective to familiarize people in the field of sanitation, waste management, how to keep our neighborhood clean, household hygiene etc.

(5) My city cleaning: Waste Management App(Android/iOS):
This app is actually a game developed for kids to inspire them to keep the city and environment clean from germs and dirty garbage. This game include various cleaning activities like house cleaning, road cleaning, river cleaning and garden activities etc.

(6) Recycle Books App(Android):
This app offers a great way to recycle books, from here you can buy old books in affordable price. This app is packed with lots of academic books and novels too, even you can sell your books too if you don’t need them.

(7) Air Visual and AQI India App(Android/iOS):
 It is first and only app that provides real time and forecast air pollution and weather data for more than 10,000 cities around the world. Both the apps offer information about the Air Quality Index (AQI) in our area. 

*Images are taken from official sources and google search.
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