Google Chrome Browser with Dark Mode Option: How to enable?

Google has launched new version of chrome that is chrome 74. Dark mode is finally available to Google chrome browser for windows 10 with this version. For Mac OS Google had already released chrome 73 with dark mode. In this mode the background color switches to dark grey instead of black color. The dark mode effects the bookmark bar, overflow menu, new tab page, settings and other pages.

Dark mode is one of the most requested feature on chrome and many other apps as well. To enable the dark mode in chrome you have to first download the chrome 74 version from Google. The follow these steps:
  • Install the setup of chrome 74.
  • To turn it on, go to Windows 10's Settings page, navigate to the Personalization category, select Colors, and toggle the "Dark" option.
  • Find the shortcut that you use to launch the chrome and go to properties.
  • Add “--force-dark-mode” to the end of the target location and click ok.
  • Then launch the chrome and dark mode will be enabled.

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