How to Identify Real or Fake Xiaomi Power Banks

Nowadays lots of fake items are available in market using the name of various famous companies. Sometimes users have issues that whether they are using the real or fake mi power banks, today we will let you know how you can differentiate between the two. There are 5 easy ways to identify the product :

(    (1) Security Code:
 one of the easiest way to find out the real mi power bank is its security code, first of all you have to find out that security code which is just like in the image given below

after that just by scratching there you will get a code, then by visiting this link you can easily authenticate your product after providing the details

if you get negative response then you must be using a fake product.

     (2)   Content on the base:

If you look at the bottom of the power bank, there will be some content like this:

Generally fake powers bank don’t have this content on their base, plus if you simply run your fingers over the text of a real mi power banks you will feel the characters over there.

(3) Color of power bank:

Mi power banks are available only in three colors i.e. black, white and red

 (4)    USB cable:

Mi provide a high quality USB cable with the power bank, they are quite strong and made up of high quality material. Plus if you look slightly closer in the USB port, there is a mi logo which can easily proves that you are using a real mi power bank or not.

 (5)    Pass through charging:

Real mi power banks provides the pass through charging features whereas fake power banks don’t have this feature. Now the question is: what is pass through charging?

With pass through charging, when your smartphone and power bank both get discharged or out of the power then you can charge both of them simultaneously just by connecting phone to the power bank and the power bank to socket.
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