How Triple Camera Works in Smartphone

Camera quality is the one of the important feature  for a user when it comes to select a new smartphone. Everyone wants to click a beautiful picture of their precious moments or any event in different lighting and weather conditions. Nowadays Smartphone companies are launching their phones with dual and triple rear cameras. These dual, triple camera gives us the facility to click beautiful pictures. Lets  us suppose a specification of rear camera :

32MP f1.7 aperture (Main)+8MP(Ultra wide)+5MP f2.2(Live Focus)

Here we will try to elaborate some basics of  how these three camera affects our photography.

What is aperture?
Aperture is a hole in the lens through which light enter into the camera. If aperture size is large then incoming light is more compare to the one whose aperture is small. Aperture size is measured in terms of ‘f number’ or ‘f stop’.

All of us have seen the specification of camera given above as an example, there is a no. written like f1.7 that is the aperture value of the lens. ‘F’ is always written before the no.

Depth of Field (Dof)

Depth of field is a distance between nearest and farthest objects in the image. That is the distance between foreground parts of image to the background parts of image. Dof can either be large or shallow.
  • The lens with small aperture size has large depth of field. in this case we will get a whole image in focus. There is no background blurring effect.(Main Camera)
  • The lens with large aperture has shallow depth of field because that lens mainly focus on the area that we want in image and background part got blurred. One benefit of large aperture size is that in night we get a clearer picture because in night light entering in the camera is more. (Live focus)

Wide Angle Lens:
Today all camera phones are coming with ultra wide angle (up to 1200 ) lens. How this ultra wide feature of lens is achieved? The answer is focal length. The lens with smaller focal length provide wide angle pictures. This type of lens allows more of the scene to be included in the photograph, which is useful in architectural, interior and landscape photography where the photographer may not be able to move farther from the scene to photograph it.

* To click beautiful picture, some other function also matters like distance of camera from the subject and other settings. Here we discuss only the basics that smartphones companies have specified in their camera. In smartphone, we can not adjust the F number of the lens.

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