Smart World by IoT(Internet of Things)

In the present world, we all know about the importance of internet. In today’s world, Internet helps us in daily life work like communication, messages on mail, video conferencing and many applications that runs on internet. In internet mainly as of now computers, mobiles and some other computing devices are interconnected. Day by day people demand advanced level of services to the society and to the business that growing the size of internet work.

Currently the size of connected device in network is large but it is going to be extra-large in near future. As of now 9 million things are connected to internet but in future this no. may cross 20 billion. Can you guess why? The answer is IoT (Internet of things). Now the question is what is IOT?

IoT stands for “Internet of things” gives us the feeling of something that is connected with the internet. IoT is a network of physical objects that can communicate with each other or with the human. The objects are embedded with the sensors, processors and communication technology so that they will be able to sense the command and communicate in the network. It is going to interconnect different physical objects that we see around us, the different objects such as the lighting system in a room, the fans, the air conditioners, water pump, the microwave oven and the refrigerator, not only in our homes, but also in our businesses such as internet working different machines.

In IoT, devices communicate wirelessly so the communication medium should be wireless. It cannot be wired because devices may also movable. Some wireless protocol are RFID (Radio frequency communication), Bluetooth Zeebee, Wi-Fi cellular technology and others. The Coming 5G network technology will also give boost to the IoTs.

Human can centrally control all devices through the system that can interact with the other objects.
There is M2M (Machine to Machine) interaction that means one machine can give or take instruction or human can interact with the machine. That gives the concept of smart home or smart cities. For example—suppose in hot summer days you are coming to your home and opens the door. As soon as you open the door, Air Conditioner (AC) will be on. In Smart home all the home appliances are smartly active or passive on the base of requirement and time. That saves the power and improves the efficiency.

IoT Applications:

  • In business/manufacturing sector for different machine interaction in assembly line Production
  • In Healthcare for recording keeping and remotely monitoring health of patient.
  • In Agriculture, like irrigation of field, and food supply chain.
  • Home and office.
  • Infrastructure monitoring and safety
  • Weather Monitoring.
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