Mi Smart LED Bulb

Price: Rs 999

It is the time to be smart. Smart in what? means smart in everything like: in your work, in your look, in your living(smart home) and in every fields of life. Now, the research & development in technology made the advancement in life of human. for example smartphone now a days work as a function of many application like camera, calculator, gaming, video and as a remote control. So a one more step ahead, smartphone manufacturing company  Xiaomi  has introduced smartness in the electric bulb.

If a bulb illuminates a different colors according to your mood and temperature and control on your fingertips than it means it is a smart bulb. So MI has launched the Smart LED bulb in India. Some of the features of the smart bulb is given below:
  • Energy Saving Design: It consumes 10W LED smart bulb and emits 800 Lumens of light.
  • Set the Tone for Every Mood: you can adjust the temperature anywhere from 1700K to 6500K  and you can easily brighten or dim the light as per your wish.
  • Smarten your Space: this LED smart bulb light up your home the smarter way, It is capable of switching between 16 millions of colors.
  • It has 11 years of Long life.
  • This smart bulb can be operated through voice using Alexa and Google Assistant.

  • Mi Home app Control: Through this app you can control the bulb, pick any color, brightness and even schedule it to turn on when you reach home. with this app multiple smart bulbs can be controlled. 
  • Hassle Free Setup: This smart bulb is connected to your WiFi and controllable through Mi Home app. No intermediary device(Hub) is needed to connect.
* All the images and video is taken from MI official site.
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