New Technology That Convert Brain Activity Into Speech: May Help People With Voice Loss

Technology in current era has become so advanced that the patients who have lost their voice can restore it.

According to the studies, a part of human brain known as ventral sensorimotor cortex controls speech. Using electrical simulations, scientists discovered about the areas of ventral sensorimotor cortex which controls different parts of face and mouth when we talk. The patterns of brain activity differs for different alphabets. So we can conclude that actually “Speech is the mirror of the Mind”.
With the help of these simulations scientists have developed a computer operated system that can easily translate brain activity into speech. This discovery could help people who have lost their voice because of different conditions.

Computer Generated Speech Translator:

According to the journal “Nature”, where the researchers shared their new technology: First of all they collect the voices of epilepsy patients before their surgery and then record the brain activity. The brain activity is recorded by a device which has stamp sized electrode array, it is placed directly on the brains of patients. It can detect some fluctuations in voltage when the person speaks.  Using these fluctuations they construct maps that how brain directs the vocal system to make sound.

In the second step the maps obtained from the first step are applied to a computer program that produces the speech.

As it would be difficult to obtain the maps from a patient who is paralyzed, researchers are trying to find out that how the data from non-paralyzed person could be applied for the needy person.

As per Gopala K Anumanchipalli who is, Ph.D. study author and speech scientist at UCSF, explained that current technology is limited to 10 words per minute whereas normal human speech can go as fast as around 150-160 words per minute. And this discrepancy has motivated them to record brain activity directly, so that they can improve the current technology and make it more and more advanced.
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