No Frequently Forwarded Messages in Group

Whatsapp latest feature

As we have already informed about the new features that are coming for privacy and fake news purpose that will be released in updated version of Whatsapp. Here one more news regarding the group setting is coming from whatsapp.

According to Whatsapp officials, Whatsapp is developing one more new feature for Group which will helps users to block “Frequently Forwarded” messages. In a group if any one forward same messages again and again, then it can be controlled by group admin.

This new Forwarding message setting will be available to only Group admin, he/she has the authority to control messages that are frequently forwarded. Only administrator can see and edit frequently forward setting. When this feature is enabled then nobody will be able to send same message again and again. Obviously if user want, he can just copy the forwarded message and send it again as a new message in the group but this action will definitely slow the process.

This new feature is currently not available to end users because it is in developing phase. It will be available in whatsapp beta android version 2.19.87. and for ios
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