Samsung Redefines their SMART TV by Adding Five New Features

Samsung India has announced latest smart TVs with new features that are personal computer, music system, home cloud, live cast and two way sharing. These features will be available to all range starting with the screen size 32 inch priced at 24999 and above. This will bring the users to another level of entertainment experience.

The new smart TVs by Samsung are launched under their “Unbox magic every day” campaign which will provide meaningful benefits to the users. All these features are designed under ‘make for India philosophy’. Let’s now discuss the upcoming new five features in detail one by one:

Unbox Magic ‘Personal Computer’:

This new feature will allow us to transform our TV to a personal computer.

  •          With this we can not only just do browsing but can also create documents or work from the cloud.
  •      We can remotely access our laptop or PC from any location over internet.

Unbox Magic ‘Music System’:

The new Samsung smart TV can be converted into virtual music system, it will have library with different color options. By this feature we can add visual elements on the screen and can manage playlists and enjoy a type of musical experience with external speakers.

Unbox Magic ‘Home Cloud’:

Samsung smart TV can also be transformed into a virtual cloud to automatically store the pictures and videos of our smartphone. The matter to be stored are transferred wirelessly without an internet connection on USB drive connected to TV (the USB drive will be password protected). Benefit is that we can view the transferred files anytime on the big screen, and free up our phone memory to capture more moments.

Unbox Magic ‘Live Cast’:  

This feature empowers the user to watch live stream on Smart TV from any remote location over the internet via smartphone.

Unbox ‘Two Way Sharing’:

Two way sharing allows the user to exchange the data between smartphone and the Smart TV. User can transfer their smartphone data to Smart TV for bigger screen entertainment or carry the content of Smart TV to smartphone without the internet and enjoy anywhere.

*Source: Samsung official site

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