Several apps of Chinese developer are removed from Google Play Store

Google Play has removed several apps from its store, some of them are from Chinese developer named “DU Group” after finding out that these apps violate certain rules of Google.

After the investigation it was found out that apps from the “DU Group” abuse user permissions and are involved in ad fraud. These apps used to draw automatic clicks even when the ads were not running in the background that causes the battery to drain and consumes more and more data.

According to BuzzFeed news “the fraudulent DU Group apps were identified after a list of approx. 5000 apps was gathered from the Google Play and their information was collated. Apps that asked for large number of user permissions, deemed dangerous by Android were handed over to researchers at data analysis and security firms.”

DU Group is Chinese app developing company that was spun off from Baidu and have 1 billion users worldwide. In the research, it was discovered that some popular apps has been installed more than 50 million times and these have contains some codes that allows user to automatically click on the ad without the consent of user.

The six apps that are removed by Google Play are: RAM Master, Omni Cleaner, AIO Flashlight, Selfie Camera, Total Cleaner and Smart Cooler.

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