Some Charging Mistakes Which Effects Battery Life of Phone

We all know that nowadays all smartphone companies promises for long battery life of their phones but even after that users have some complaint regarding the battery life and battery performance of their phone. Users thought that the problem is with company manufactured battery but sometime it could be our charging mistakes too that leads to its bad performance.

following are the mistakes done by users while charging mobile:

Mistake No. 1: Charging the mobile in wrong place

Mobile batteries allow fast charging within the range of   5 to 45 degree Celsius temperature. high temperature during charging may lead to degradation of battery whereas low temperature result in slower charging.
So we should not place our mobile near hot or colder device while charging like air conditioner, heaters etc

Mistake No.2 : Overcharging

Generally people overcharge their mobile phones without knowing that it may also lead to bad battery performance. sometimes people keep their mobiles on charging mode when they sleep  and remove the chargers after they wake up.
Mobile batteries generally get charged 100% in 2 to 3 hours and after its full charge the temperature rises which reduces the battery life.

Mistake No.3 : Keeping phone case on while charging

Smartphone batteries sometimes emit heat while charging, removing the phone case while charging would help battery charge at comfortable temperature.

Mistake No.4 : Fully depleting the battery before charging

We often deplete our mobile batteries  to  15% or fully discharge it before charging it up again. mobile batteries need not to be fully drained because it may lead to short life span of battery. mobile batteries generally performs the best between the range of 30 to 80% , so  charge your phone as soon as it reaches 30% and after the charge of up to 80% you don't need to charge it to 100%.
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