What next after Android Pie?

What next after Android Pie?

 Google is planning to launch the next major version of Android mobile operating system this year. Till now Google has released 16 versions of android operating systems and the upcoming version is 17th one. 
   In English alphabets what comes after “P” (Pie)? The answer is “Q” and that’s only the next version by Google, but what stands for “Q” is not decided yet. All previous released version code name is based on English alphabetic order. You  can check…

Google has already released Android Q beta 1 on 13th march 2019 only for Google pixel phones, beta 2 is released on April 2019. Following beta 3, beta 4, beta 5 and beta 6, final version will be released for public in the 3rd quarter of 2019.

 Top Features of Android Q

There is always an expectation with the upcoming version of android in terms of features:
  1. System wide Dark Theme: it is the most demanding feature by users. It is most probable that dark mode will be available in Android Q.
  2.  App Permission: Privacy is main concern, so android Q is gives new permission settings for applications. That gives you more control over apps, controlling access to share files on your phone.
  3. Share Menu Improved: According to Google share menu interface can load    instantly when it is launched.
  4. In Built Screen Recording: In beta 1 inbuilt screen recording is released.
  5. Supporting Foldable Phones: Already research is going on foldable screen phones by many companies. Google has optimized Android Q with foldable specific features and experience.

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