WhatsApp: Start Chat Without Saving No.

It happens sometimes that we have to start chat or message someone whose number we don’t want to save because of some privacy concern or any other reason. But due to no option we do save the number first and then start chat. So, today we are here to disclose some tricks regarding this:

Using Web Browser:

First option is open web browser and go for URL “https:api.WhatsApp.com/send?phone=############”. In place of “#” you have to enter the mobile number of person you want to contact, including the country code without + sign. After the link opens up, there will be a command button of “message”. Click it and start the chat.

Using App:

If you find the first trick little bit time taken or confusing then here we come with another trick. You can search for some apps on Google play store that will enable you to start the whatsapp chat without saving contact number.
Examples of such apps are Click to chat, Dialler for whatsapp, Whatsme etc. Among these apps “click to chat” can be considered as best, as it comes with small storage of 80KB and is ad free.
In these apps you have to just dial the number you want to start chat with, the app will automatically redirect you to the new whatsapp chat screen.

Selecting the Text:

This trick might be quite unknown, but it is easier and fastest among all the tricks. Whenever user dial the contact number in their phones dialer, after selecting the dialed number you will get the main pop up options like call, cut, copy, paste but after tapping the overflow button you will be able to see some more options including “sending whatsapp message”. After clicking on that you will be redirected to new whatsapp chat screen.
This trick works on Android Pie and Android Q smartphones.

*This information is collected from google search.
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