You can pay using Whatsapp?

Since now we have been using the whatsapp just for chit chat purpose but now whatsapp is about to introduce a new feature  and the name is " WhatsApp Pay " with which it will slowly become accessible to do transactions too. This feature of whatsapp is under process and after testing it among a limited number of users, it will be made available to all. According to the sources whatsapp pay needs five to six months more to go local and live.

Right now in the testing process whatsapp pay beta is made available to a small number of users (approximately 8 to 9 lac) to do small value transactions and it is running in India only using UPI allowed by NPCI (national payments corporation of India). Whatsapp pay started this service in partnership with ICICI bank and now added Axis bank, State Bank of India and HDFC bank as its partners.

As per the RBI’s regulations, data of all the payments need to be stored within the country and all the companies dealing with digital payment business will have to get a 3rd party audit done by CERT. As per Economic Times, to finish the 3rd party audit and to fix all technical requirements. It will  take time till August to September. To support India’s agenda of digitization whatsapp is closely working with NPCI, banks, the government and other payment service providers.

Setting up Payment Feature :

  •  Go to “settings"
  • Click on “payments”
  • On payment page add your bank account and bank details
  • Accept terms and conditions
  • Verify phone number via SMS
  • Whatsapp will show banks linked with UPI
  • Select your bank if you are UPI user if not then setup UPI
  • Enter last six digits of debit card and expiry date to create VPA(Virtual Payee Address)

 How to Use Whatsapp Pay:

  • Tap on attach button
  • Look for option “payment”
  • Payment option will be available on individual chat screen
  • Then enter the amount and UPI pin
  • Click on “accept” to send the payment to the receiver 


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