Facebook Will Allow You to Talk Across Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp

On Tuesday a F8 Conference was held in San Jose, California where Facebook officials declare about the changes they are going to introduce in redesigned version of Facebook. Other than that they also announced a new step of Messengers (Instagram and WhatsApp) integration into Facebook owned app.

100 years ago people used to communicate with each other through phone network, 100 years later the same is true with messaging. If you want to talk to somebody on Facebook, you use messenger; on Instagram you use DM; if you have contact number, you use WhatsApp.

Asha Sharma said “we believe people should be able to choose to talk to anyone anywhere without thinking about way to reach them”. So for the first time Facebook is building the ability for messenger users to be able to call and message not just their friends on Facebook but the close friends and family on Instagram and WhatsApp. She also added that “this will work just like the people make phone calls without worrying about the other party’s network service”.

For the security and privacy concern Facebook officials said that “All the messages will be end-to-end encrypted”.

Nothing is fixed about the time when this “interoperable messenger” will come into existence for the users, as this would take time as cleared by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Messenger for Desktop:
Apart from all this Facebook has also announced an official desktop client for Messenger on Mac and Windows. Company said that “Messenger app for desktop will feature group video calls, audio calls and lots of other features just like found on mobile, Desktop Messenger app will arrive globally later this year”.

*Source:Google search
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