Led Lightning Can Damage Retinal Cells and Visuality of Eyes

In today's world we all generally uses new lightning technology LED in-spite of the incandescent bulbs, because LED have a life span many times longer and are considered more energy efficient than most fluorescent bulbs. But what if you heard that those LED lights which you are using enormously in your homes without any worries actually have bad effect on your health, you might not believe at first. But truth is that its true. Now the question is HOW?

According to Health Watchdog which is a statutory body run by French government whose purpose is to keep eye on the health related issues of people said, "BLUE LIGHT" in lightning can damage our eyes retina and disturb our natural sleep rhythms. New findings of the French Agency said that "exposure to an intense LED light is photo toxic and leads to damage of retinal cells and diminishes our sharpness of vision.  

The statutory body claims in its 400 page  report that the maximum limit for acute exposure should be revised, even if those levels are rarely met in an individuals environment.The report distinguished between acute exposure of high intensity LED light and chronic exposure to lower intensity sources.

Acute exposure is more dangerous than chronic exposure but still chronic exposure can accelerate the ageing of retinal issue contributing to the decline in sharpness of vision.

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