Specialised Microscope: To Detect & Diagnose Skin Cancer

As day by day innovations are growing in different different field, and always contribute towards the welfare of the society. In the field of medical many new innovations are discovered, helped in diagnosing the very serious diseases.

Now the scientist have developed a specialized microscope that will be used in the treatment of skin related diseases like skin cancer, as well as able to perform the surgery without cutting the skin. According to the paper published on the journal advances, scientists explained how they developed this specialized microscope, which is capable of detecting the exact location of an abnormal skin tissue and treat it instantly without penetrating the skin.

According to researches, this cutting edge device uses an ultra-infrared laser beam to achieve the imaging of living tissue up to about one millimeter in depth. And this device could be used to treat any structure of the body that can be reached by light and requires extremely precise treatment, including nerves or blood vessels in the skin, eye, brain or other vital structures.
Harvey Lui, professor at the University of British Columbia said that for diagnosing and scanning diseases like skin cancer, this could be revolutionary.

According to the authors, they set out to improve multiphoton microscope technology and create a more precise instrument. They also explained that developing  team wanted their device to have the ability of identifying what is happening under the skin from different angles and imaging various sites in the body.

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