Mobile Security Threats

Just like viruses that can infect the computers, there are various types of security threats that can affect mobile devices. Today we all use our mobiles for financial transaction and bank related activities, so it is necessary to know about the threats.  According to the IT web report, the number of new malware programs detected each day has reached up to 230000, many of which targeted mobile devices. There are some top mobile threats are as follows:

Unsecured Wi-Fi:

Generally no one wants there data to be exhausted when wireless hotspots are available, but fewer may know that the free Wi-Fi networks are unsecured. Free Wi-Fi hotspot easily gain access of our password and other information. To avoid this problem and be safe we should never use free Wi-Fi to access confidential or personal services, for example bank detail and credit card information. 

Phishing Attacks:

Phishing is one of the fraudulent attempt used by the hackers to obtain the sensitive information like passwords, credit card information, usernames or other details from the mobile users or PC users. Mobile devices are most threatened tools in case of phishing. Generally when mobile users click on some unsafe links unintentionally, it often directs users to enter personal information at a fake website which is actually an attempt of phishing attack.

Bad Cryptography:

During the development of the App, developer do the poor coding like they use weak encryption algorithm or using strong encryption but leave some back doors in the code. Using these weak point hackers can attack on your smartphone and access the password and other secure information.

Data Leakage:

Mobile users keep their banking, financial information another personal information in their mobile phones, due which the probability of their data leakage is high. Data leakage occurs when we install apps from insecure app stores, they asks for ambiguous permissions and somehow get our data easily. So it is important that we install apps from authorized sources.


Spywares are the software’s that enables to gather information about some person or organization without their knowledge. Spyware software’s are spread just like malware programs. To be safe from spyware we should have an antivirus in our device, which can help us to detect and eliminate the spyware program easily.

Social Engineering:

The threat of social engineering is continuously rising to attack on the mobile. In this technique attackers use fake & false information to try and get the data from mobile users.

So to keep away from hacking of your device it is recommended to update your Operating system and security updates, antivirus, installing authorized apps, genuine individual app locking tool and no unnecessary click on unknown links.

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