Samsung 64 Mega Pixel Image Sensor

Samsung 64 MP ISOCELL Image Sensor. (Photo: Samsung)
Samsung electronics, one of the leading manufacturer of electronics equipment has launched a new image camera sensor of size 0.8 micrometer for 64 MP bright camera, named as ISOCELL GW1. Samsung is the first company to introduce 64 MP camera image sensor.

Over the past few years, the trend of smartphone camera is increasing to capture the precious daily life movement. That’s why now the smartphone are coming with large mega pixel and dual to triple cameras. So to improve the photography Samsung has designed 64MP image sensor. That will help you to take more accurate and detailed photo even in low light conditions because image sensor collects more light.

Pixel Merging

This 64 MP image sensor is made using pixel merging tetracell technology of 0.8 micrometer pixel size. In it the 4 pixels are combined to create one super pixel. To create large MP camera sensor, combining small MP pixels, for ex- 12 MP image sensor is used to create 48 MP camera image sensor. To create 64 MP image sensor Samsung uses the 16 MP image sensor via tetracell pixel merging technology.

GW1 Features

GW1 can produce bright 16 MP images in low light environments and highly detailed 64 MP shots in brighter setting. This sensor is also able to decode the color for the 64 MP image sensor in low light. As per the illumination of the environment, GW1 can convert the received light into an electrical signal due to the presence of Dual Conversion Gain (DCG) in GW1. This allows the sensor to optimize its full well capacity utilizing the collected light more efficiently especially in bright environment. GW1 has equipped with high performance phase detection auto focus technology which enables it of providing sharper image results. It can support full HD recording at 480 fps for smooth cinematic slow motion videos.

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