Samsung: Indoor Smart Farming Through Artificial Light

As we all know that in the present time the world’s population is increasing rapidly. So agriculture food is one the important concern for the livelihood of the people. Due to the continuously increasing population the size of agricultural land is reducing.  To meet the world’s food demand we have to go for agricultural innovation, as we know that many steps in this area has been already taken like productivity of crop. 

One more potential solution to meet the world's need for healthier and abundant food production is through the smart farming: vertical farming. In vertical farming, the agriculture is done vertically in the stack of different layers in any building. Currently Vertical farming is famous  in US, Japan & Europe. There are many advantages of it
  • It saves the space.
  • Farmer can grow all over the year without caring any calamities.
One of the largest digital solution company Samsung has also doing innovations in food industry that how to grow safe, healthier, without pesticides and sustainable food. On industrial scale, indoor farming is getting attention because they are better equipped to overcome spatial constraints and extreme climates. In such indoor farms, artificial light plays a crucial role in efficiently managing the rate of plant growth. Samsung has launched the wide range of horticulture LEDs that produce a large spectrum of lights to support healthy plant growth.

Light is one of the important factor for the growth of plant. The plant while growing absorbs the light of different-different wavelengths in their life span. Such as:

For Photo synthesis
400nm to 700nm
For germination
For stimulates growth
To bloom and produce fruits

On the basis of these no. Red LED and blue LEDs are very famous in indoor farming.
Based on the research, Samsung has released the package of white LEDs last November with wide range of spectrum including red and blue wavelengths. Packages can be selected according to the types of plants and the facility’s requirements. Samsung Electronics offers five white LED packages and one white LED module. The company has also designed one blue package and two red packages with a single wavelength. 

Samsung is doing research in many fields like basic science, agriculture, material science and many more and participating in make of the safe and clean world through the  Samsung Science and Technology Foundation.

*This informations source is "Samsung Newsroom"
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