Samsung's All New Wireless Power Bank And Wireless Charging Duo Pad

Image:Samsung Newsroom
We already knew that power bank is a portable device that can supply power from its inbuilt battery through a USB port, for charging the phone we just have to connect the power bank and mobile using the USB cable.

But we often find it quite irritating and hesitating to handle both the power bank and mobile phone at the same place or in our hand while charging, what if there would be no need of USB cable to charge the phone. Yes it is possible, and it is made possible by SAMSUNG’s technology.

This technology is introduced by SAMSUNG a few days back, Samsung India has just announced the launch of their two new innovations. The first one is wireless power bank and the second one is wireless charging duo pad. These two devices will allow us to charge our Galaxy smartphones and Qi certified smartphones wirelessly.

Wireless Power Bank:
Image:Samsung Newsroom

  • Body: Aluminium
  • Capacity: 10,000mAh
  • No. of phones to be charged: Two devices at one time (1 wireless and 1 wired)
  • Compatible with: Samsung S Series; Note devices (S6 and above); Galaxy buds; Galaxy watch range; All Qi certified devices
  • This device will support fast charging and quick charge 2.0 in both wired and wireless charging.
  • Price: INR 3699
  • Colours available: Silver and Pink
  • Weight: 234gram
  • Dimension: 149.93X70.8X15.09mm

Wireless Charger Duo Pad:
Image:Samsung Newsroom

  • Wireless charging with fast chare 2.0
  • It will let you charge multiple devices with its dual charging pads.
  • It supports all Galaxy watches, Galaxy buds, All Qi certified devices.
  • Price: INR 5999
  • Colours available: Black and White
  • Interface: UCB Type C
  • Weight: 168gram
  • Dimension: 195X18.05X92mm

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