Say Good Bye to Facebook's News Feed and its Blue Color in the Redesigned Version

On Tuesday a F8 Conference was held in San Jose, California where Facebook officials declare about the changes they are going to introduce in redesigned version of Facebook. They highlights Groups, making it a bigger part of the overall Facebook experience. Facebook going to redesign their mobile app and website, so that they can focus on groups and other contents by focusing less on news feed.

As per the Verge reports, Facebook said that “We are rolling out a fresh new design for Facebook that will be simpler and puts users communities at the centre. we are also introducing  new tools that will help make it easier for users to discover and engage with groups of people who share interests”.

In the new designed version:
  1. There will be more content from groups or communities on news feed instead of other items.
  2. No more blue Facebook, now there will be more white instead of its blue color.
  3. The event tabs will also get a makeover.
  4. The Facebook version will make it easier for users to connect with friends  to attend various events  and discover local business.
  5. Facebook will have more focus on privacy concern.

Facebook app new design:

Facebook web new design:

Last month, Mark Zukerberg said that he wants to make Facebook a more “Privacy focused communication platform. In this upcoming F5 version other than changing Facebook looks, the company is also going to transform the types of services it offers that too with full focused privacy.

This redesigned version will be made available to the users later this year.

*Images & information taken from Facebook official source.
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