Worlds First Inbuilt Camera Phone, 20 Years Ago

There was a time when we were not able of capturing our precious moments, for that either we had to visit some photo studios or buy camera. But today we all have our personal camera in our pockets, and we are using very high resolution camera sensor in our smartphones like 32MP, 48MP and the upcoming one is 64MP camera sensor by Samsung. It is possible because of the research and development happened in this field. But can you think of  "how it's all started?". 

The journey to implement camera feature in phone was started almost 19 years ago in year 2000. The world’s first camera phone was designed by Sharp Corporation named as J-SH04 released in November 2000 available only in Japan. It was Japan’s first ever camera phone of 110,000 pixels CMOS camera.


In the same year 2000,one of the world’s best smartphone of present time was manufacturing company SAMSUNG  has launched its first camera phone SCH-V200. This phone was of only 0.32MP camera phone that was able of clicking 20 Photographs at a time. The screen size of SCH-V200 was 1.5inch TFT-LCD. This phone weighed 74 gram and its dimensions was 127 x 39 x 17 mm. Since then Samsung has launched many smartphones with enhanced camera sensors of different Megapixel. 

Today with deep consumer insights and huge investment in R&D, Samsung has been able to launch high resolution HDR camera, dual or triple camera phones, ultra wide angle camera, slow motion and many latest features related to camera in smartphones. In 2002 Samsung launched first flip phone with rotating camera of 0.11MP CCD sensor.

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