Recent Images of Greenland: Pointing to a Major Danger in Future

At this time of year, ice of Greenland is melting with very fast rate. The news of melting of 2 billion tons of ice has been reported last week. On 13th June, 2 million ton of Greenland snow has melted which can be compared with the record setting year 2012.
Ice Sheets are melting in Greenland with fast rate (Image:
Even though this time of year i.e June to August is commonly known as Greenland's "Melt Season" with much of the melting occurring in mid July. But thawing of so much ice in the middle of June is something weird.

According to researchers, the rate of melting of Greenland ice has now gone up to six times faster as compared to that of year 1980.  It started rapidly since 2000 and was growing steadily until 2010. The melting of ice in Greenland at such rate is matter of great concern, as it is pointing to a major danger in the future.

"Its very unusual to have this much melt so early in the season", William Colgan, senior researcher at the Geological  Survey of Denmark and Greenland, told the BBC. Mr. Colgan further added "Same two factors were thought to have caused last week's ice melt and the historic event of 2012. One is high pressure lodged over Greenland, creating warm and sunny conditions and the other factor is low cloud cover and snowfall, meaning solar radiation can strike the ice sheet surface."

Global warming is the reason for enormous impact on the melting of glaciers and ice sheets. Higher global temperatures melt the glaciers of Greenland, which flow into the oceans, adding to the amount of seawater. A large rise in global sea level possess many threats. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, “such rise would inundate coastal wetlands and lowlands, erode beaches, increase the risk of flooding and increase the salinity of estuaries, aquifers and wetlands.

The situation of Greenland simply clears the fact that the troubles occurring there  may affect our Earth and our lives further.
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