40,000 Year Old Wolfs Head Found, The Size is Twice of Today's Wolfs

40,000 Year old Wolfs Perfectly Preserved Head Found in Siberia

Ice Age Wolf  Head Found in Russia, larger than modern age wolfs (Image: HindustanTimes)
Scientists have discovered the head of a wolf from the ice age from the snowy hills of Siberia. In the Wolfs head, his hair and teeth are found safe along with his brain. It is reported that this head of wolf is around 40 thousand year old. The head is 16 inches tall, which is almost twice the size of today’s wolfs head.

The wolfs head was discovered in the Arctic Circle in 2018 by scientist Parvel Fimov. Rest of the body part of the wolf are found nowhere near the spot where the head was found. It is believed that the wolf must had been attacked by another beast or animal because the human kind was first came into existence in Russia nearly 32 thousand years ago.

Russian scientist Albert Protopovov said that “most of the cells present in the head were found just like new ones”. He further added “comparative research of the wolfs head will now be done with wolves of modern age. Then the fact would be clear that how have animals evolved in the changing circumstances of last thousand years.”

Researcher Valery Plotikov said “the animal belonged to an ancient subspecies of wolf that lived at the same time as the mammoths and became extinct alongside them, it’s a unique discovery because scientist previously only had found wolf skulls without tissues or fur , which made it impossible for us to examine anything”.  

According to the Siberian Times of Russia’s website, the head of wolf is preserved in Siberian permafrost and scientists will also examine the DNA of the wolf so that it will become easy to get information about the condition of that period (ice age). According to Naoki Suzuki, professor of Jikeyi University School of Medicine in Tokyo, wolfs internal organs and brain were found in the right condition in the CT scan of his head.

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