500 Year Old Incan Mummy Girl Secret Revealed

In 1999, a 15 year old Incan mummy girl who was sacrificed almost 500 years ago was discovered on the Argentinian volcano Llullaillaco which is 22000 feet tall. The mummy girl referred as Llullaillaco Maiden has a few secrets, on which scientists were working since years. It is now discovered that along with Llullaillaco Maiden, her younger companions Llullaillaco boy and lightning girl were given drugs and alcohol in their final months to make them more compliant in the ritual that ultimately killed them. After the research done on the mummy, scientists found out that “the teen girl was suffered from a bacterial lung infection and she was drugged at the time of her death”.

When the research team found the teen mummies, “The doctors have been shaking their heads and after seeing the movement they don’t even believe that those mummies were actually 500 years old, and looks like died a few weeks ago”.  According to the doctor in research team, “A chill went down my spine the first time when I saw her hands because they look like those of a person who is alive and other factors must. After their sacrifice, the freezing temperatures of mountain and other natural factors must had helped the mummies body to be preserved.

An article in LiveScience cleared that, “Past research found the boy and girl had been fattened up before sacrifice , being fed a typical peasant diet of potatoes and other common vegetables up until a year before their sacrifice, when evidence suggests they were given elite foods like maize and dried Ilama meat”. The Incas sacrificed their children at their teen age as offerings to gods, they didn’t do this so often. Only the children’s were sacrificed by Incas because they were considered to be most pure.

Scientists discovered that the girl was suffering from a disease just like tuberculosis. The samples collected from the Inca girl body will help in finding a cure for some modern diseases.
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