A Device That Will Read Your Emotions and Advise You

Amazon's Upcoming Project

As per the latest report of Bloomberg, Amazon is working on a wrist wearable device that will be able of reading emotions of Human. After the review of internal documents of Amazon, Bloomberg reported that teams of Alexa voice software and Amazon lab126 hardware division are working together on the development process of a wearable which will be described as Health and Wellness Product.

We usually try to identify the emotions of a person by reading his/her facial expressions. But a study by Michael Kraus of the Yale University school of management has found out that when it comes to accurately detecting emotions, a persons voice says more than his/her facial expressions. In simple words, "you may be able to sense someones emotional state even better over the phone than in personal."

Based on this study, the Amazon's wearable will work  and by hearing the voice of person, it will read his emotions and also advise him how to interact more effectively with others. Actually an individuals tone of voice in speech when maintained in the form of graph, it can be conveyed through changes in pitch, loudness, timbre, speech rate and pauses. Using these graphical notions, the wrist worn gadget will differentiate different emotions of individuals.

This voice activated wearable device will work in sync with your smartphone app and it will have a microphone that can easily describe the emotional state of wearer by analyzing his/her sound.

This device will definitely gonna be a unique invention of till now. Its not sure that when does this project of Amazon will came into existence as a commercial product.
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