As Per Study: Severe Air Pollution Results In Birth Defects And Deaths

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For the existence of human life, there is only one condition that is favorable environment. It means there is a balance between all the processes happening in the environment. Water, air, plants, land all are basic factors responsible for the existence of human life in our earth. Till now no other planet in the universe known where all these things are favorable to life. In the starting of human life on earth, human lives with the natural environment in forest and there is a unique relation between both. But as soon as human mind got developed, they invented many things for their luxury. Now our environment is degrading day by day due to our activities.  In this article we will talk about air pollution and its new consequences on the health.

During winter in India, northern states like Delhi, UP, etc. faces the hazy environment which occurs frequently due to the burning of crop residue by farmers. This hazy conditions includes many tiny particle suspended particulate matter like PM 2.5 and PM 10, which is very dangerous for every living organism. According to WHO, 9 out of 10 people worldwide breathe air containing a high level of pollutants.

Scientist at Texas A&M University in U.S has found some adverse effects due to harmful particulate matter that may lead to birth defects and even fatalities during pregnancy, according to the study conducted in mice. Fine particulate matter (PM) commonly contain ammonium sulphate, found worldwide.

One out of every nine global deaths can be attributed due to exposure to air pollution, total over 7 million premature deaths in a year, researches said. They further said, ammonium sulphate is believed not to be very toxic but they show the large impacts of it on female pregnant rats.
 They claim that it is unclear yet what is causing these effects but speculate the size of Nano particles may be responsible.

This study provides a proof for the continuous decrease in foetal survival rates and also decrease in pregnancy due date which results in less body weight in addition to damage of body organs.

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