Govt Plans to have its own Messaging App like Whatsapp

Government of India is planning to develop its own application for the communication purpose like whatsapp.  At first stage, the government want to introduce this platform of "sarkari whatsapp" just for government agencies and officials, so that the country would safeguard itself from upcoming weaknesses of security and other problems.

Sarkari Whatsapp

"In the starting all government to government communication should begin on our own platform and then we could take this forward to the next step, which is all government communication to people should also use these platform" government official said to Economic Times. 

This plan of government came into existence after 21st of May, when US government  decided to pull off US companies from supplying software to the firms manufacturing telecomm components  and smartphone, as well as Google too cut off the ties with Huawei's smartphone. Now Huawei is going to shift to new o/s platform for supporting its device. 

It may possible in future at some point of time US may find india unreliable for some reason, Govt should have a plan to counter these effects. That's why indian govt is planning that all communication channel should be indigenously developed and data transmiteed over these network will be 100℅ stored in India.

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Dependability on others is always dangerous. Major chatting and communications apllications like whatsapp are from outsiders. All these messaging platforms have not yet data storage is india. Data security,  data localisation,  traceability of messages releated to rumours are major concerns of Indian govt.

Official said that all officers and govt staff could be discourage to use these message platform such as whatsapp & gmail for official communications told to Economic Times. 

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