How To Find and Secure Your Lost Android Device

Find, Lock and Erase your lost Android Device

Now a day’s mobile security against the theft is considered as more important than anything else because it has lots of our private data. When anyone lost his/her phone or theft by any people the most important thing is how to secure your info on that phone so that no one can use your data for false purpose. Here we discuss some methods like how to locate your device and change your password.

As we discuss already that all smartphone users have to sync their data with Google drive. So that all your contacts and other important info can be restored. Google has given an option on its android based device “find your device”. With the use of this feature we can remotely safe our smartphone. Some of the setting have to done on your device to benefit from this.

Step -1 Check that Find My Device is on. If you turned off Find My device than open your device setting go to Google>Security >Tap Find My Device. Make sure it is turned on.

Step-2 Make sure your location is turned on always. So in setting tap Location and turn on Location.

Step-3 Check that Google play Visibility is on. It device is hide on Google play it would not show in Find My Device. So go to Google Play under visibility pick the device.

Remotely Find, Lock or Erase

After setting all the above option. Now go to and sign in to you Google account. It will show all devices that are linked with this Google account. Find the device which is lost and click at the top of screen.
  • The lost device gets a notification.
  • On the Google map you will get info about where the device is. The location given by it, is approximate and may not be accurate.

Here below some of the remote control option is given to safe your lost device.

  • PLAY SOUND : when you click on this option it will ring the lost phone for 5 minutes in full volume even if it is on silent or vibrate mode.
  • SECURE DEVICE : Lock your device with password or PIN. To help someone return your device, you can add a message or phone no. to the lock screen.
  • ERASE DEVICE : under this option you can erase all data from this device permanently. After your data has been erased, you cannot locate your phone yet again. If your device is offline, erasing will begin when it next comes online.

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