iCloud Helps You to Find Your Lost iPhone

Find My iPhone

Now a day’s mobile security against the theft is considered as more important than anything else because it has lots of our private data. We had already explained the method of securing Android phones against theft, but what about iPhones. Just like Androids, stolen iPhones is also a big business in the black market. Here we will elaborate the method of locating and protecting your iPhone, iPad, Apple watch etc. if they are ever lost or stolen. But before that we should be aware of iCloud.

What is iCloud?

iCloud is a cloud storage and cloud computing service from Apple Inc that was launched on 12 October 2011. iCloud enables the users to store their data like documents, photos, and music on remote servers for download to IOS, MACOS or windows devices to share and send data to other users and to manage their Apple devices if lost or stolen.

Now to locate and secure your lost or stolen phone, Apple offers a tool names as “Find my iPhone”. This tool will help you to recover your phone but still if can’t get your phone back, you can at least secure your personal data. “Find my iPhone” is a part of iCloud that will use your phones GPS location and internet to access the stolen phone.

With the Find my iPhone tool you can do following:
  • Locate you device on a map.
  • Play a sound on your device to help you find it.
  • Use lost mode to lock and track the device.
  • Remotely erase the personal information from lost device.
  • Protect the device with Activation lock.

To use Find My iPhone tool just follow the following steps:
  • Visit iCloud.com, go to icloud.com/find and sign in using your Apple ID that is logged in your iPhone.
  • After the Find My iPhone tool getting opened, it will show you all the devices linked with your apple account. Select the particular device you want to locate, this will allow you to know the location of your phone.
  • There will be more options apart from that, these are as follows:
ImageCredit: Apple
  1. Play sound: To make your device play a sound, this option is most suitable when you think that your lost device maybe nearby.
  2. Lost mode: This option will allow you to remotely lock the screen device and set a pass-code. This will prevent a thief from accessing your personal and important data. Other than that you can also enter a contact number, so that the person who have your device can contact you.
  3. Erase iPhone: This option will allow you to erase all the data present in your lost or stolen phone, preventing the thief from accessing what’s on your phone.

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