Moon Is Shrinking: Study By NASA

Image: NASA

An analysis of photos from NASA's spacecraft Lunar Reconnaissance Arbitrator (LRO) have shown that the Moon is continuously shrinking. As this happens, its surface is folding and earthquakes are coming. The reason is that the inner part of the moon is being cooled. Scientists believe that due to this, the Moon has shrunk about 150 feet during the last millions years.

An analysis of more than 12 thousand photos showed that there is a crack in the lunar basin of the Moon near the North Pole and it is slipping from its place. “Maare Frigoris” is one of the many huge basins on the Moon. These basins are considered dead from the geological perspective. Like our earth, there is no tectonic plate existing on the moon, despite this tectonic activity occurs. Because of this activity, the inner part of the Moon is gradually losing heat when compared to the time when the moon came into existence nearly four and a half billion years ago.

As per the study published in “Nature Geoscience”, the Apollo missions observed the earthquake shocks recorded on the Moon. Astronomers of Apollo first measured seismic activity on the Moon in the seventh and eighth decade of the last century.

Nicholas Schimmer, Assistant Professor of Geology in the University of Maryland University, America said, "There is a full possibility that geological activities can continue on the Moon today. So it is exciting to think that the earthquake is still on the moon due to these activities.

LRO is the Robotics Space Station of NASA's American Space Agency. It is revolving around the moon. It was launched on June 18, 2009.

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