Some Islands will Disappear at the End of this Century, Three Disappeared in 2018

Kirbati Island, (Image- Shutterstock)
Currently, whole world is facing many consequences of climate change. One of the problem is sea-level rising due to melting of ice sheets of glacier in Greenland and pole ward region, as a result of emission of greenhouse gases. According to scientist, recently three islands have disappeared from the world map because of the rising sea level. Now the most important question that should strike our mind is that who’s actually to blame for their disappearance? The answer is Global Warming.

Disappeared Island

Family leaving their land of Kirvati
 because of flood,
As per recent published article of the “Barents Observer Newspaper” Norway, Perlamutrovy which was a super remote island of Arctic have completely disappeared. “The islands of Perlamutrovy is simply gone, and nobody seems to know exactly what has happened. On the site is now only open water. It is very important to understand the reasons why the island has disappeared” says Aleksabder Kirilov, director of the Russian Arktika National Park.

In October 2018, 11 acre of Hawai Island also washed away by Hurricane Walaka. In the end of 2018, a local newspaper reported that one more uninhabited islet (very small island) at the coast of japan got disappeared underwater.

Through all the three island were small with no habitat but this disappearance some how warned us that if the rise of sea level continuous, there will be a time when larger island too would face the same risk. As a result one more problem regarding displacement of those millions of people who live on those islands and coastal areas.

“With some of these small island maybe it’s no big deal to the average person because they are uninhabited but you are going to see these same processes happen on larger island and populated ones.” explained Curt Storalazzi, a geologist at the US geologic surveys pacific coastal and marine science centre.

Sea Level rises Faster than Prediction

According to the recent study sea level rising at very fast rate that will lost to 1.70 Millions of land by end of this century. In 2013, United Nations released a report projecting that without major reduction in greenhouse gases emission, sea level could rise between 1.5 feet to 3 feet by 2100.
Land losses to sea, will affect the food production of those countries like Bangladesh, Indonesia that are vulnerable to sea level rising.

Name of some island that may will disappear at the end of this century:

  1. Kiribati
  2. Soloman Islands
  3. Palau
  4. Maldives
  5. Marshall Islands
  6. Fiji
  7. Tuvalu
  8. French Polynesia
  9. Seychelles
  10. Cook Island

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