Track your Stolen Mobile, Govt. Set to Release IMEI Database

Tracking the Smartphone Using IMEI

In our blog we already write an article about how to find your lost smartphones. Now one more step is taken regarding the stolen of mobiles by GOI. Stolen of mobile is serious threat to personal and financial information of user and also a threat for national security. With the help of imported software, cracking and changing the IMEI no.  of mobile is going to use further.  To handle it and tracking of mobile phones GOI has decided to take initiative in this direction.

Soon user will be able to track your mobile phones as telecom ministry is preperaing a IMEI database to keep the record. A central equipment identity register(CEIR) is prepared by dept. of telecom to keep the record of 15 digit IMEI no. to uniquely identify each mobile device.

According to IRAI, there are almost 1.2 billion wireless subscriber in India. The department of telecomm (DoT) has announced its plan to implement this project in July 2017 and a pilot project was running in Maharashtra, told to Indian Express.

How to track

Once this register is implemented in coming weeks,  user will be able to track their mobile. For it first thay have to file a report at nearest police station. After this they have to inform to DOT via helpline number. Then DOT will blacklist that IMEI no. of the stolen mobile phone. When mobile phone got black listed,  then that device will not be able to access the cellular network.

As following the global practices,  DoT will prepare three list in their CEIR database:

  1. White list: Mobile phones in this list is permitted to use.
  2. Grey list: this list contain those mobile phones which do not confront to standards.
  3. Black list: Mobile phones in this list is not allow to access the network.
Globally CEIR database is prepared in many countries like Australia, UK, Egypt and Turkey etc.

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