Cloud Storage in Smartphones and its Importance

All of us have seen one app in our smartphones, tablet and laptops know as cloud. Android based phones have Google cloud space except this all the smartphones manufacturing company also giving cloud space like Samsung cloud, Mi cloud , Microsoft cloud and many more.  In this digital era all of us know the importance of digital data like pictures, documents and other useful data. So to keep safe your important data is always on priority.

Whats is Cloud?

Cloud is a pool of resources like storage or computing power and where resources are shared on demand base. Traditionally, local hard drives, CDs, memory card and other storage medium are used to store data. But if any of the storage on which your data is saved, gone crash than it is a big trouble to recover your data. So cloud storage is a modern technology storage in which there is an online storage which is present on a server called cloud server at any remote location managed by storage provider. For accessing the cloud storage internet connection is mandatory. Some of the cloud services providing companies are Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon etc. Many businesses are running on cloud services provide by these companies.

Mobile Cloud Storage

In smartphones, mobile manufacturing companies also provide the cloud space for online storage purpose. User can use it through web service or applications (mobile apps) of the cloud space providing company. By making an account on their platform you can use the cloud storage. All companies give some gigabytes of space free for use, after that limit user can use space by paying on monthly or annually basis.

Google drive is an online storage provided by Google cloud platform available on all android devices. Anyone can store their data like pics, music, docs, contacts and other on Google drive as a backup. In setting if user give the permission of auto sync then automatically all files are stored on Google drive on time basis. Google drive gives for every user 15GB of free space.

Use of Cloud Storage

Suppose if any one buy a new smartphones, he/she wish to restore all the previous settings and old data of whatsapp, contacts or other apps on the new device. All these things can be setup within time by using the backup that you stored on cloud storage. Government is also focusing on cloud based storage services for sharing or accessing the govt. document. There are many apps which are launched by Govt, for example Digilocker, M-parivahan etc. Registration certificate of vehicle, LPG gas related docs, mark sheets, or any other certificate can be downloaded with the help of these apps.

Advantages and Dis-advantages of Cloud Storage:

  1.    Recovery(Backup)
  2.    Syncing                       
  3.     Accessibility
  4.     .Increased security
  5.      Easy sharing

1. Privacy issue (third party apps)
2. Dependence on internet connection
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