WhatsApp Update: With Two New Features

WhatsApp is working on some new features for its upcoming whatsapp update. As we have already informed you about F8 conference which was held in San Jose California, Facebook officials announced a new step of messengers (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram) integration into   Facebook owned app.
Based on it, the company has started working and WhatsApp recently brought its beta version update 2.19.151 through Google Play Beta Program. This WhatsApp beta version is under development and not yet released for everyone.
There are two features under this Whatsapp beta version which going to introduce very soon for its users, they are as follows: 
  • Share to Facebook feature:

With this new feature we would be able of quickly sharing status, post, video, photos on Facebook through WhatsApp. If Facebook app is installed on your mobile, an option “Add to Facebook Story” will be added on your whatsapp. After clicking on that option whatsapp will allow you to post on your Facebook wall.   
  •  QR Code feature:
With upcoming update, whatsapp is also planning to add the QR Code feature. When this feature will be enabled for its users, a new QR Code button will be added in the users profile section.
When user click on the QR Code icon, it will redirect you to the new section that gonna show your personal QR Code ready to be shared.

Use of QR Code:

If anyone scans your QR Code, he or she can contact you on whatsapp. You can stop your QR Code to work whenever you wish. This feature will definitely be a bit more useful for business purpose, if it would be made available on business sites.
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