Facebook's 'Simba' Project is Getting Discussed, Crores of People Will Get the Benefit

The Simba project of Facebook has been in discussion because with its help, millions of people will be delivered to the Internet. Facebook's project is influenced by King Character Simba.

Under Sea Cable (Image Credit:WireWorld)

According to media reports, the main purpose of this project is to provide Internet through under-water cable in South Africa. South African people are unable to use this social media platform due to the lack of internet expansion. Just like Facebook, the world's largest search engine company, Google is also planning a similar project in South Africa.

Both of the world's largest technology companies have been in the preparation of the Internet through their under Sea cable project in South Africa. According to American media reports, Internet penetration in South Africa is much lower than other major countries. Internet penetration in South Africa is only 35.9%. In this way these two companies are planning to increase internet penetration through their under-Internet cable plans.

Google has named “Equiano” as its under-the-go Internet cable project. Whether or not Facebook will partner with a South African telecom company for this Simba project, currently no official information has been received. As soon as the project is completed, the internet can be cheap in South Africa, and connectivity can also be improved.

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