Smart Mouse With Voice Control Feature Announced By Lenovo

Lenovo's Smart Mouse

China's innovative technology company Lenovo has announced a new product. This product is actually a smart mouse, which comes with the Voice Control feature. Lenovo's Smart Mouse Voice input, supports real-time translation as well as voice control. This smart mouse of Lenovo has a price of 299 Yuan (about 3,000 Indian rupees) in China. Lenovo's Smart Mouse uses the start-up company Keda Xunfei's Speech Recognition Technology.
Representative Image (Credit: Flipkart)

Smart Mouse Supports More than 26 Language

Smart Mouse features help you with voice input, English translation, voice control and other functions. Voice inputs support Chinese and English language. At the same time, if talking about the translation, Smart Mouse supports the English translation; Chinese to English, French, Japanese, German and the other 26 languages. Lenovo's Smart Mouse uses the Artificial Intelligence Cloud Service Platform. Apart from this, it also uses Smart Mouse Deep Learning.

Blue Lite positioning technology has been used in this smart mouse. There are far better tracking and positioning effects than traditional photoelectric and laser technology. This mouse can be used on wood, glass, cloth and other surfaces. This Smart Mouse supports 600/1200/2400/4000 with 4DPI adjustable. The size of this smart mouse is 110X61X32mm. This mouse's exterior casing is made of ABS material. It has metal texture and skin friendly coating.

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