What is VPN? List of top Free VPNs

What is VPN?

VPN or Virtual private Network is way to access the public network (Internet) safely and in secured manner through devices like desktops, smartphones or any other devices. Data transmitted through VPN is always in encrypted form that means no other can see your data in middle of the network. VPNs are used in corporate organizations for extending their private network over the internet. An employee can work from outside of the office and securely connected with the corporate network because the traffic is encrypted between the device and the network.

In the present time online privacy and security is very important for every internet user. VPNs do it with the help of tunneling and encryption, shifting URLs, and changing your private IP address to some other IP. VPN providers have many VPN servers across many countries, they dynamically connect you to the internet through different country servers.

Five ways a VPN can help User:
  • Hide your IP or location: Through the use of VPN you can hide your ip address and location across the Asia, Europe, and among other countries.
  • Watch your favourite Content: Stream all your shows or other TV content easily on your device without restriction. If you want to see the show of that country which is blocked in your country through VPN you can see easily without disturbance.
  • Encrypted Communication: In VPN all the communication are encrypted by many encryption algorithms. Ex- Express VPN uses 256 bit key for encryption.
  • Unblocked Sites: Through VPN user can open those websites on their device which are blocked on their geographical locations. Like some of the area Facebook, Gmail, or any other social media is blocked, can be accessed easily without blocking.
  •  Avoid Spying: VPN keeps the online activity of its user safe and anonymous without spend a cent.

Here is the List of Some Best Free VPNs:

1. Express VPN
VPN list
Express VPN provides a more security and privacy for accessing the any content in the internet from any where in world. It keeps your identity safe from being exposed. It can be used on smartphones, laptops, tablets and router etc.

2. Hotspot shield free VPN

Hotspot Shield  is highly encrypted VPN connection from a remote server to your device and does not have any log data. Access the blocked sites and enjoy the movies at Netflix, YouTube or another OTT platform with fast speed. It is one of the easiest installing VPN system.

3. Hide. me

Hide.me allows you to keep safe on internet by encrypting your connection. keep your location safe and also hide you from your ISP. It does not store the log information about your online activity. 

4. ProtonVPN Free

  This Swiss based VPN service provides extra security to your encrypted traffic even if the encrypting key is exposed. ProtonVpn allows your connection security by routing the packet from servers located in Switzerland and Iceland which have best privacy law.

5. Pure VPN

Easy to use VPN services allowing on all ypur devices based on windows, android, iOS, Linux etc. Web Browsing over the internet any content across the world is safe and secure.

6. Speedify

Speedify combines multiple internet connection to provide a faster and more reliable connection. It uses channel binding technology to give a live streaming and without buffering connection over the internet. keeps your data safe from hackers and cyber criminals.

7. TunnelBear

Easy to use app for web browsing and download the content over the internet with online privacy, no tracking with IPs, bypass censorship etc. You have to just open the app and select the country and use the internet without restrictions.

9. Nord VPN

Nord VPN services providers has a huge network of proxy servers across the world. Users have the option to choose over the 5200 VPN servers located in 59 countries for fast and secure connection.

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