Google's Emergency Feature Roll Out Soon

Emergency Call, all we know what it is. Emergency situations are unavoidable circumstances, that to be handled immediately like fire, medical condition, police help etc. Every body has phone no. related to these emergency services in the mobile phones. But in some situations, person is unable to make call because of speech impairment,   or in particularly dangerous situation.
Image Credit:The Verge

Google Emergency App

To help in these type of emergency situation Google is planning to launch a phone app based service. First it will be available to pixel phones and some android devices, lets you to make call in emergency situation via an automated voice service. With the help of this phone app user can tap on 'medical, 'fire' or 'police' during an emergency to let the operator know the kind of help required. Using automated voice service operator will know the type of help & also know the location of caller via GPS without verbal communication. But there is an option  to talk with the operator if needed.

One of the important feature of this phone app is that it will work even if one has not data connection in their mobile, that means there is no need of mobile data to use this app. "The type of information shared by emergency caller like  the type of emergency and caller's address remain only between the caller and operator", Google says. 

This feature will rolled out in United States in coming months on pilot basis to know about the feedback from different users, so that it can be made more helpful.
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