How to Create GIF From Videos

There was a time when to express the reactions in chat messages we used the emoctions or images only, but nowadays we often uses GIFs to express the emotions perfectly. GIFs are the animated images that can say a lot on their own. GIF stand for Graphic Interchange Format and was came into existence in 1987 by CompuServe, a commercial online service provider in US.

And now the question which arises is How these GIFs are made or created? Today we are going to explain you the method of making GIF.

Using Online Apps

There are plenty of apps available online  to create GIFs very easily just by using your creativity. Some of these apps are Giphy, Ezgif, Gfycat. Today we are going to deal with the Giphy app because of its effectiveness and user friendly use. So here is the method:

  1. First of all visit using any of your browser.
  2. To open GIF maker, click on '+' sign present in the top right corner.
  3. In the gif maker you will get two options which allows you to either make gifs out of images or videos you upload or by entering a URL for any online video including youtube. Videos must be under 100MB or 15sec long.
  4. After that using the sliders you have to pick the start time and GIF duration time from the uploaded video.
  5. Then click on 'continue to upload'.
  6. After this you just have to select tags and click on 'Upload to Giphy'.

GIFs Using Smartphone

We can also create gif using our smartphone, there are lots of applications available in Google Play Store for making GIFs. Here we are providing you the name of top 5 apps that you can install in your phone and show your creative mind by creating amazing GIFs.

  1. Camera MX
  2. Footej Camera
  3. GIF Maker and Editor
  4. GIF Me Camera and GIF Maker
  5. Giphy Cam
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