NASA Scientists to Track Greenland Melting Ice

We had already mentioned in our article published few days back that Greenland is melting at very fast rate.According to the researchers, the rate of melting of Greenland ice has now gone upto 6 times faster as compared to that of year 1980.

In this photo icebergs are photographed from the window of an airplane carrying NASA scientists as they fly on a mission to track melting ice in eastern Greenland. (Image: Associated Press)

Now, NASA step ahead to find Earth's future by investigating Greenland ice melt scenario. NASA scientist Josh Wills has taken up this work in his hand. Now he will closely study the phenomenon to figure out how global warming is eating away Greenland's ice.

The main focus of Josh Wills is to know whether the melting is caused more by warm air or warm sea water. The answer of this question will also lead to be crucial for Earth's future. If wills theory, that much of the damage is from the water turns out to be correct, he said "there's a lot higher potential for Greenland to melt more quickly than we thought and that means seas rising faster and coastal communities being in undated more".

Greenland have huge amount of ice which if melts, sea level will rise by 20 feet. On 13th June, 2 million ton of Greenland snow has melted which can be compared with the record setting year 2012. This month too, in a single day it lost a record 13.7 billion tons. "Its a little scary", wills said as looked down on an area filled with more water than ice. " we are definitely watching the ice sheet disappear in front of us".

One thing for sure is that climate change is the reason of eating away the glaciers. There are two ways in which climate change effects glaciers:

  1. Due to warm air above, which was disastrous this year.
  2. From warm and salty water originates from North America Gulf stream.
Wills is measuring the water 660 feet or more below the surface and this water is more warmer and saltier than the stuff that touches the air. "If actually warm water plays that much role in Greenland ice melting then by the year 2100, Greenland alone could cause 3 to 4 feet of sea level rise", wills said.

To measure this NASA is spending 5 years criss crossing the island in a tricked-out-77 year old DC-3 built for world war II. 
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