LG is Coming Soon With Rollable Display Smartphone

South Korean company LG is working on a new and very unique smartphone. According to the report, the company is going to launch a smartphone with rollable display for which a patent was filed in October 2018 and this patent came out in 2019 which showed seven sketches of the phone with rollable display. When the phone is rolled, its display becomes the size of a smartphone.

According to the leaked news, users of LG's rollable display can use the tablet or smartphone as per their need. If you want to use it as a tablet, you can roll it without rolling. At the same time, you can roll its screen to use it like a smartphone. From this, it can be guessed that the company will launch a phone with a flexible screen.

Explain that LG is not the only company working on such a device. Earlier Samsung also launched the Galaxy Fold in the market, which was recalled after a display problem. But now this phone is fully ready to make a comeback in the market. According to the reports, the company has fixed the display problem in the phone.

As per the report, LG Display had filed a patent with the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) in October 2018. This patent was published in June 2019 and shows seven sketches of a device with a rollable display.

The renders created by LetsGoDigital shows that the display is so large that it can be rolled up twice around the device's housing. It seems like one would be able to roll out this display as much as they want.
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