New Apple TV to be launched on September 10, will work on A12 Chipset

On September 10, Apple can launch its smartwatch and iPad in addition to three new smartphones as the flagship device in its special event. But according to the report, the company can also launch its new Apple TV at the event.

"Never relieved", the Twitter account that shares the upcoming Apple hardware and product codename, claims that the company is preparing to launch the new Apple TV. According to the tweet, the new model will be Apple TV 11, codenamed J305.

In this new TV A12 chipset will be seen as well as iOS 13 too. Official confirmation of what else will be seen in the TV will be available at the time of launching.

However, it has not been clear from the tweet that its the same A12 Bionic chipset that is given in the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR or the A12X Bionic chipset that has been seen in the latest iPad Pro. It might be possible that A10X will be the fusion chip that has been seen in Apple TV 4K for the last two years.

It is expected that the new Apple TV will be seen in the next week's Apple event. It has been seen from the last three generations that these devices are upgraded once in two years. Revised third generation Apple TV was seen in March 2013, Fourth Generation Apple TV in September 2015 and Apple TV 4K in 2017.

Apple TV currently runs on the 4K A10X Fusion System chipset designed specifically for the 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPads launched in 2017.

According to the report, Apple will launch an upgrade version of its iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max at the event on September 10. Triple rear camera can be seen in two of these flagship phones.
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