Researchers Found Certain Chemicals in Human Body that Reduces the Risk of Obstructive Lung Diseases

The World Trade Center was destroyed on 11 September 2001, which results in the exposure of certain toxic dust. This toxic dust is harmful for human health, but re ently researchers from Newyork University school of Medicine have revealed that human body produces certain chemicalswhich helps to protect human health. These chemicals are the reason that first first responders, who were exposed to the toxic dust of disaster in World Trade Center.

For this Research, researcher Anna Nolan and her colleagues analyzed the blood samples of almost 14000 firefighters and workers who had worked at the disastrous site of WTC. After analyzing, they found out that their body has 30 metabolites which is prepared in human body. It is made when human body breaks down fats, carbohydrates and proteins that are associated with reduced risk of obstructive airway disease (OAD) in the first responders.

OAD occurs because of blockages in the airways. The blockages damagea the lungs and cause the airways to narrow which results in difficulty in breathing. The first responders had higher levels of the metabolites compared to those who developed lung disease because of toxic dust.

The researchers said "The protective metabolites that can protect people exposed to toxic particles produced by fire and smoke include protein building amino acids and omega-3 acids."

The researchers published their findings in the journal 'Scientific Reports'. We can inprove the levels of these metabolites in our body through proper diet, drugs and exercise. These metabolites can be obtained easily through diets that are rich in fish and olive oil.
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