Smart Airbag Helmet Saves Life in Just 0.1 seconds, Designed By Swedish Company

Image credit: Official Hovding site
Swedish company Hovding has designed a bicycle helmet for urban cyclist. This helmet is not just like traditional helmet it functions like an AIRBAG. The world’s safest head protection is worn like a collar around the neck. In the event of the accident the airbag inflates to protect your head. This the next generation Swedish safest technology of airbag.

According to the scientific research at the Stanford University the Airbag technology is 8X safer than traditional bicycle helmets. That means a superior protection is given to the cyclist. This airbag records the cyclist movements 200 times/sec. in the event of accident the airbag inside the collar opens in 0.1 sec. This will efficiently fixate the neck and protect the head from injury.


  • In the event of an accident this advanced airbag notifies selected contacts in the event of an accident.
  • It records the movements of the cyclist 200 times/sec.
  • Smart battery check: the airbag get a notification when helmet needs to be charged
  • It is charged with Type C USB cable. Battery backup for 15 hours of Active Cycling is given.
  • Adjustable size: This airbag is equipped with an adjustment wheel to fit your neck size.
  • Smart Connectivity: Through the Hovding app, this airbag connects with your smartphone with smart features. The Bluetooth connection helps the user to get the full experience of the Hovding app.
  • It has sound and light signals that indicates whether the airbag is activated or deactivated.

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