With Every Tea Bag we are Drinking Small Particles of 1100 Million Microplastics

A recent research published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology has revealed that tea bags with tea release small plastic particles in the air, which is harmful to our health. This was revealed by a group of Canadian researchers at McGill University. Although tea bags are usually made of paper, but polypropylene is used to seal these tea bags, which is a type of plastic.
Many tea brands use tea bags made of plastic, which is equally a threat to us. Researchers wanted to find out how much microplastics leave in tea bags when heated. To do this, they bought four packs of plastic bags, removed the tea leaves and washed the empty bags.

The researchers heated the empty tea bag to a temperature of 95 °C  in special containers of water. They then saw with electronic microscope that about 11.6 billion (1160 million) pieces of microplastic and 3.1 billion (about 300 million) nano-plastic particles came out of a tea bag. These levels were thousands of times higher than those reported previously in other foods, researchers said.

Researcher Natalie Tufenczy said - these levels are thousands of times higher than other foods. Table salt is a microplastic material, with 0.005 micrograms of plastic particles per gram of salt. At the same time, a cup of tea contains 16 micrograms of plastic particles.

Researchers  also wanted to explore effects of the released particles on small aquatic organisms called Daphnia magna, or water fleas, which are model organisms often used in environmental studies.  So in another experiment, the team treated water fleas with various doses of the micro- and nanoplastics from teabags. " Although the animals survived, they did show some anatomical and behavioural abnormalities", researchers said.

Researchers also wanted to investigate what harm such tea might cause. However, after investigation, the researchers said - no such serious things have been revealed by this study. Right now, more investigation is needed. They also said- If you use tea bags, you can use tea sieve for this.
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