Egypt Archaeologists Found 20 Ancient Coffins near Luxor

Egypt antiquity ministry announced in a statement that one of the largest and most important findof recent years has been revealed in the Egyptian city of Luxor. A few days back Archaeologists have unearthed 20 ancient wooden coffins at the Theban necropolis of Asasif on the river Nile's west bank, which was once the part of the ancient Egyptian capitals of Thebes.

These 20 coffins were found in the form of two layers, one layer above the other. The coffins are decorated in shades of red, green, white and black color, the bright colored art and decoration over the coffin is still visible even after such a long time.

The time span of these coffins is not known yet. As per BBC news report majority of tombs at Asasif which is close to the valley of kings are from late period of 664 to 332 BC of ancient Egypt. But there are some tombs dating to the earlier 18th dynasty i.e. somewhere around 1550 to 1292 BC.

This finding is not the only recent one that come out of Luxor. Last week archaeologists had announced the discovery of an ancient "industrial area in Luxor west valley", the area included " houses for storage and the cleaning of funerary furniture, with many potteries dated to the 18th dynasty". 

Egyptian officials said that more details about the coffins will be shared at a press conference to be held soon.
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