Google Changes the Future of Computing As Now it Claims to Find New Quantum Processor

You must have heard about supercomputers. But for even more powerful and advanced quantum computing, an experimental quantum processor has been developed. It can do many such calculations in just a few minutes, which still takes thousands of years through super computers. Google says that it will completely replace processor computing.

This research and development by Google has been published in the scientific journal Nature. Here's how quantum speedup can be achieved in the real world as well. This new processor can do the toughest in just 30 minutes and 20 seconds, for which the supercomputer takes a minimum of 10,000 years. This technology will prove useful in many ways and as Google said it will change the future of computing.

The quantum computing system created by Google is a technology that can process the largest data and information in a very short time. Not only calculations, but with the help of this processor, new drugs will be discovered. Also, management and transport of cities will also become very easy.

The technology of this processor works through quantum bits or cubits. With the help of modern computing language, they register the data value to zero and one value. Let us tell you that companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM are working on this technology.

In an accompanying article in Nature, William Oliver, a physicist at MIT, compares Google’s achievement to the first flights of the Wright brothers. “It is what the event represented, rather than what it practically accomplished, that was paramount. And so it is with this first report of quantum computational supremacy,” Oliver said.
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