How to Boost the Slow VPN Speed

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What is VPN(Virtualprivate network) and different vendors of VPN as we already discussed inarticle. Today we will discuss about the issues with the speed of VPN. For many users VPN is the need on daily basis.  Speed of the VPN with a strong encryption is very important when you choose a VPN. But with some other setting option, you can increase the speed of your VPN. The steps are given below:

Try different VPN server location: 

To connect with the VPN service you need to select the servers from the list of different country servers. The reason for slow own of speed may be the wrong choice of server location. If server location is far from your current location, speed will be slower because the data packet has to travel more distance compare to near server location. That why the VPN speed is slow.

Reduce the Encryption level:  

Today encryption of the data is very important. So encryption is very critical factor for most users. In VPN, encryption and decryption of all data that you send or receive is allowed to hide the information. If encryption level is more strength than VPN speed will be slow down. There is a direct relation between length of encryption and speed.

If encryption and security do not play an important role to your data then you should use reduced level of encryption means encryption length should be reduced. PPTP is the fastest encryption protocol but outdated standard. SSTP, OpenVPN, IPsec are different encryption protocols for security.

Check your antivirus and firewall: 

Antivirus and windows firewall also play a significant role in the speed of VPN services. Antivirus software scans all the data packets and provide you with a secure network connection. This can negatively affect the VPN speed since repeated probes slow down the performance of the VPN. So o fully disable the firewall and antivirus is not advisable because it is not safe. It is advisable to you that try to find a rule that will allow you to bypass the scan.

Upgrade the Firmware/software: 

To find the reason for slowdown of VPN speed is, first disconnect the VPN completely and check if speed increases. If direct and VPN speed differ that try these steps:
  1. Upgrade the firmware of the router
  2. Reboot the router
  3. Try using a VPN for only single device

Reinstall the VPN client application: 

At the last if all above option does not improve your VPN speed then you should try to reinstall the VPN application on your device. It may improve your VPN speed.

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